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True Poker has come a long way since its beginning and is one of your best choices to play at after Black Friday. If you are looking for more than just my True Poker review; check out some of these True Poker testimonials. This is what real players are saying about True Poker everyday now. Take a note on how recent all these supportive comments about deposits and withdraws are. Everyone is receiving fast cash outs and there is amazing feedback about the dedicated support staff.

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True Poker Testimonials

Posted by Bob J. on Feb. 4, 2012
I cashed out on January 25 and received check today in central Texas on February 4. Excellent, I had to wait only 10 calendar days for my money.

Posted by Thrash370 on Dec 8, 2011
True poker has the best cashouts of all US facing sites and it’s not even close.

 Posted by offshore on Dec 12, 2011
They have finally improved the software from the old, slow, 3D one they used to have that made it impossible to play. It is 100x better now. Cashouts are also very fast. These guys are finally delivering.

Posted by Slappz on Dec 13, 2011
True poker support has been good. I’ve cashed out about ~1 time per month since signing up back in February, never had an issue that wasn’t immediately resolved by their support. Thumbs up!

Posted by lopak on Dec 13, 2011
Can’t say that I’m TruePoker regular but I can confirm that their support has changed to good and the cashout time is just a few days for me now.

Posted by QuietRiot on Dec 13, 2011
True poker is by far the best site I have played on post Black Friday!

I requested a Moneygram yesterday, rec’d my money today, no one else can deliver like that.

Paper checks are also much faster than merge or cake.

Customer service and security both have live chat and are extremely fast at responding to emails. Each time I have had a problem in the past few weeks it was taken care of quickly!

Posted by bigfishhead on Dec 13, 2011
I truly do love True Poker. The games are great. I’ve FT’d roughly 20 MTT’s over the last 90 or so played. The cash games are juicy. The response time from our TP rep here is excellent.

Sure they have a few glitches, and maybe a few things we as long time internet players would like to see. I am sure they will get to them. Whenever I make a suggestion or report a problem it’s because I want to see the site do well. If it does well, then more fishing for the Bigfishead.

Posted by freerollin2 on Dec 13, 2011
Signed up with TP years ago when you actually picked up your cards and put them down. It was cool for like 5 minutes, then the slowness of the whole thing eventually made me move on to other sites. Since Black Friday I haven’t really been able to play anywhere. True always sent me emails and I usually just deleted them without even reading them. I finally opened one and it said the have live support. I chatted it up with support , they told me I could deposit with Visa and can play from my state and country. I gave it a shot and the new software was quite nice. There is low traffic in the Omaha games which is basically my preference. But they do get going. Having terrific support is such a plus theses days. Having a number to call or live chat support makes me feel much more secure about playing on this site. All in all for a small site it does deliver and I can’t quite understand why more players don’t play here.

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