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True Poker Review

True Poker is the original poker room on The Winning Poker Network, formerly known as the Yatahay Poker Network. They were originally just a small time poker room that wasn’t talked about too much. They always paid on time and had easy deposits, but they really were lacking in the traffic side of things. This all changed in 2011 though. Doyle Brunson decided to move his poker room “Doyle’s Room” to the network with True Poker. A few months later, the incident known as Black Friday shut down most of the poker rooms in the United States. True Poker is one of the only remaining online poker rooms that is open to US players. I think they are probably the best room still available because they offer great rakeback, timely cash out options, and have grown in traffic greatly this year. Read the True Poker review below to find out more.

True Poker Rakeback

The number one reason you are probably on this site is because True Poker offers rakeback. Unlike the Merge Network, which is the most popular US network and doesn’t allow rakeback; True Poker is allowing new users to have 27%  rakeback if they sign up through our website. Players that have signed up for the rakeback system will be paid every single day by True Poker directly into their players account. You will earn rakeback on all cash games, SNGs, and MTTs you play.

True Poker Bonus

On top of your rakeback and other promotions, you will receive a $1000 True Poker bonus when you first make a deposit. You will receive 100% of your original deposit amount up to the $1000 max. You will begin clearing your bonus the first hand you play and it will unlock in small portions for you to use. If you are playing the smallest stakes available, it may take a while to clear the entire amount, but the higher stakes or more tables you play – the faster it will be and the more rakeback you will earn.

True Poker Promotions

True Poker is always running extra promotions every month for their users as well. This month there is a $65,000 Rake Race at True Poker and the winner receives $10,000. You can find True Poker freerolls running daily and some larger ones being held every weekend. They also run a great guaranteed tournament schedule for you MTTers out there.

True Poker Software

Up until recently, True Poker had some older software. It was definitely useable, but it was sort of slow and awkward. This is not true anymore though! When Doyle Brunson moved his poker room over, they recommended some big changes. All of these software changes are now in place and the room is looking great. The software is much faster and there are tons of cools features to use now. Some of my favorite ones that stood out are:

Bad Beat Jackpot Tables – Anytime your playing at a BBJ table and you have Quad 8s or better lose; then you actually WIN – the bad beat jackpot that is. I was playing at Full Tilt a few years back and actually won with Quad Aces vs Quad Kings, but unfortunately there was no BBJ so the whole table missed out on a massive six figure payday. Still to this day, I wish I was playing on a bad beat jackpot table when that happened.

Straddle Tables – Do you love the wild action on the TV show High Stakes Poker? Have you seen them play with the straddle, which is essentially a 3rd big blind. It increases the fun-factor, while building large pots for the sharks.

Chopping the Blinds – This is a great feature that allows you to automatically chop the blinds of both players chose. This speeds up the action and forces less awkward blind on blind battles.

True Poker Review - Table Image

There are a ton more features like re-sizable tables, cascading tables, and auto-rebuy options; but I’m not going to list them all. I really recommend you just sign up for True Poker rakeback and try it yourself.

True Poker Traffic

This is the biggest flaw of True Poker. They have never had a ton of players, which means the micro and lower stakes games will have 3-5 tables running, but the higher stakes games will only have 1 or 2 tables running. This has gotten better in 2011 and more players have been moving there in the recent months, but it is still difficult at certain times of the day. There is good tournament and SNG traffic, but the majority of players seem to play cash games; specifically No Limit Hold Em.

True Poker Lobby Image

Games Available at True Poker

True Poker Banking Options

Deposit Options: Person to Person Transcations (Western Union, MoneyGram) *Fees Covered for $200 or more*, Instadebit, NETeller, Money Transfer, Credit Cards (Fast Deposits and No Fees), Bank Draft, Checks, UseMyBank

Withdrawal Options: Neteller, Moneybookers, Pic-Club, MyCitadel, Clicktopay, UsemyBank, Money Transfer, Bank Wire, Debit Cards, Checks


I really think 2011 was the key year for True Poker. Doyle’s Room moving over provided that crucial amount of traffic , brought a brand name to an already reliable poker room, and some very key software upgrades to keep the new players happy. While Black Friday was terrible for US Players as a whole; it was good for True Poker. With them still be able to offer games for US Players and Doyle Brunson’s seal of approval – I think you already have a winner. Tack on 27% rakeback, a $1000 deposit bonus, $65,000 in rake chases, and countless freerolls and True Poker comes out as a top room for US players and even non-US players alike. Use our sign up link and you will be tracked for True Poker rakeback and automatically receive your bonus upon deposit.