True Poker Rakeback

True Poker Rake Race

Every month there is a new True Poker rake race for our players to enter and win. The prize amount changes from month to month, but for this True Poker is pulling out all the stops and offering $100,000 in cash prizes. A rake race means you will be competing against other players to build up the most rake throughout a set time period. This essentially means you must play a lot of poker and to win 1st prize you must either multi-table cash games (most grinders already do this), play a lot of SNGs, or play in specific tournaments to win a ton of bonus points (more info below). True Poker is offering a lot of prize levels so even micro stakes grinders can look to win $25-75 for their efforts. All of the rake races are just extra benefits of playing at True Poker and you will still earn your 27% rakeback and $1,000 deposit bonus by signing up though this link.

True Poker 100k Rake Race

Points are earned just by playing your normal games at True Poker and paying rake. You can earn them while playing ring games, Sit N Go’s and Tournaments. Also, first time depositors will earn 500 bonus points towards winning that month’s race. You can also earn bonus points in the True Poker rake race if you play in the following tournaments. While possible, it is difficult to win the rake race just by playing cash games. So if you are aiming for a high finish, I would try extra hard to free up some time for these tournament games.

True Poker Rake Race Bonus Points

Guarantees Week

Time (ET) Date Name Buy-in Points
9:00pm Monday, February 6th – Friday 10th $10,000 guaranteed $25 + $2.50 100
11:00pm Monday, February 6th – Friday 10th $3K GTD Second Chance $20+$2 50
3:00pm Saturday, February 11th $6,000 guaranteed $25 + $2.50 100
6:00pm Saturday, February 11th $8,000 guaranteed $40 + $4 150
9:00pm Saturday, February 11th $15,000 guaranteed $50 + $5 250
11:00pm Saturday, February 11th $2K GTD Last Chance $20+$2 50
3:00pm Sunday, February 12th $6,000 guaranteed $25 + $2.50 100
6:00pm Sunday, February 12th $12,000 guaranteed $50 + $5 200
9:00pm Sunday, February 12th $30,000 guaranteed $125 + $12 500
11:00pm Sunday, February 12th $2K GTD Last Chance $20+$2 50

Guaranteed Tournaments

Time (ET) Date Name Buy-in Points
6:00pm February 26th $100,000 Guaranteed $150+$12 5,000
9:00pm Saturdays $7.5K Weekly Guaranteed $50+$5 100
9:00pm Sundays $15K Weekly Guaranteed $125+$12 250
9:00pm Monday – Friday $5K daily Guaranteed $25+$2.50 50


Date Name Buy-in Points
Monday, February 6th One Seat Guaranteed – LSOP Lima $50+$5 150
Tuesday, February 7th Hyper One Seat Guaranteed in LSOP $6+$0.60 100
Wednesday, February 8th One Seat Guaranteed – LSOP Lima $50+$5 150
Thursday, February 9th Hyper One Seat Guaranteed in LSOP $6+$0.60 100

If you would like to track your progress, you can view the current True Poker Rake Race Leaderboard to see where you stand. I wish everyone good luck if they are aiming for the top prizes. It’s quite a task, but something a solid grinder can accomplish while the network isn’t too large yet.

*Note – The rake race amount and bonus tournaments change monthly. The information on this page is not guaranteed to be up to date. Please check the True Poker website for all up to date rake race information.