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If you don’t want to read boring text and are ready to just play some damn poker already; then click here to download True Poker. Or you can read the text below, which explains everything in a bit more detail.

If you are looking to download the True Poker software, you should know one thing first. You can earn a $1000 deposit bonus and 27% True Poker rakeback just for signing up through our links. We have worked with True Poker to allow our visitors to earn the extra bonus, rakeback, and rake race as a way to promote their poker room.

As long as you use one of the links coming from our website, you will be eligible for the extra promotions. The actual software download is fairly quick if you are on a modern internet connection and the software runs much better after the recent updates. I would check out the True Poker review page if you want to read more about all the great changes True Poker premiered in 2011. It really is a lot different than it was just a couple years ago. Unfortunately my biggest complaint is they don’t have a True Poker download for Mac users.

True Poker Rakeback Download